viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

22364 - Events (Set 2)

List of Events (Set 2) - 22364 Expansion:

577.- Travel plans
579.- Informant on the intelligence comittee
581.- Obsessed
582.- Lucy gives up her lufe for Amy
583.- The cigarrete smoking man's solution
585.- Frog Holocaust
586.- True Stigmatic
587.- Full circle to find the truth
588.- Bad Reputation
589.- Try to Remember
591.- Menial Assignements
592.- Roach completes the link
593.- Roach Experiments in your neighbourhood

The following cards are supposed to belong to this expansion. Some fans created those cards for a card contest (same tittle, cost, text... as it was supposed):

???.- Sleep with the Fish
???.- Something I need
???.- Drag the Lake
???.- FBI Internet Alert

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