viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

Other cards created by fans of the Game

Some of these cards (and the all 9 from our mini-expansion set) have been created for the Kevin Marion´s card contest. The winner card will be printed out as the 'promo card of the year':

- Tunguska, Siberia (site)
- Tolen Mar Bureau of Investigations (site)
- Twin Peaks, WA (Site)
- Agent Leyla Harrison (agent)
- Agent Dale Cooper (agent)
- Detective Neary (witness)
- Fake FBI Badge (equipment)
- Two Mulders (bluff)
- FBI Internet Alert (event)
- Sleeping with the Fish (event)
- Alien Evolution (Adversary)
- Leonard Betts (Adversary)
- The Peacocks (Adversary)
- Samuel Aboah A.K.A. Teliko
- Bob (X-File)

Humour cards:

- The 3 Cabal-eros
- Deny everything II
- Lone gun man swimsuit issue
- The 7th sense
- Agent Lamana killed by Celine Dion Music

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