viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

Promo Cards


-The Dark Angel PR96-0001-SCR Promo
-Fighter Interceptor PR96-0002-INQ Promo
-Alien Technology PR96-0003-GAM Promo
-No One So Paranoid PR96-0004-Gcon Promo/UR
-Chester Bonaparte, The Spirit. PR96-0005-GMR Promo
-Agent Henderson PR96-0006-DUE Promo
-The Gregors (distr. as promo) XF97-0130 v2 Missing Card

"The Gregors" was mistakenly left out of The Truth Is Out There set and was subsequently released separately.


-Mulligan PR97-0005-INQ Promo
-Smoke & Mirrors 1 PR97-0006-SC1 Promo/UR
-Smoke & Mirrors 2 PR97-0006-SC2 Promo/UR
-Smoke & Mirrors 3 PR97-0006-SC3 Promo/UR
-Smoke & Mirrors 4 PR97-0006-SC4 Promo/UR
-Smoke & Mirrors 5 PR97-0006-SC5 Promo/UR
-Team Work PR96-0007-SUR Promo
-Blue Plate Special PR97-0009-GMR Promo
-Je Vois Quelque Chose Là Au-Des. PR97-0010-FRN Promo/UR
-Die Hand Die Verletzt (German) PR97-0011-DEU Promo/UR
-Not On The Menue PR97-0012-COM Promo
-Deny Everything PR97-0999-DNY Promo/UR


-A Final Choice PR97-0003-BBB Promo/UR
-Believe The Lie PR97-0001-BBB Promo/UR
-Call On Us More Often PR97-0007-BBB Promo/UR
-Good Fortune PR97-0004-BBB Promo/UR
-Infected That You... PR97-0002-BBB Promo/UR


- Agent John Dogget (Kevin Marion)

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