jueves, 24 de abril de 2008


Sites - 7 cards:

XF08-0051x3 - ElRico Air Force Base (Washington) - Alien + Criminal *
XF08-0052x3 - Tunguska, Siberia
- Alien + Subterfuge *
XF08-0053x3 - Ivory Coast, West Africa (6th Extinction) - Medical (Motiv) *
XF08-0054x3 - Paleoclimatology Lab, American University - Computer 4+ (Result) *

XF08-0055x3 - Wilkes Land, Antarctica (Fight the Future) - Alien+Scn *
XF08-0056x3 - Foum Tataoine, Tunisia - Bur + Obs *
XF08-0057x3 - Mount Weather Complex, Bluemont, Virginia - Subt + Scn *

Others: Texas-New Mexico Border

Places which doesn´t exist yet:

Bureaucracy (Method), Criminal (Affiliation), Occult (Result).
Bureaucracy may go without: Alien, Computer, Behavioral or Observation.
Sciences may go without: Evidence, Observation or Alien or Subterfuge.
Subterfuge may go without: Obs, Medical, Behavioral, Alien or Sciences.

What about the access to the field office crime lab that some cards allow to visit? like Gas Chromatograph or Electron Emission Microscope. I don't understand what it is.

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