jueves, 24 de abril de 2008


X-Files - Set 1: 20 cards:

The new 41 X-Files have the same characteristics as the old ones, so it doesn't affect the strategy or statistics of the game. It just add more fun as it has new names, pictures and comments. One player may play with the old set, while the other may play with the new. When the whole set is finished, we will publish the sheet with all the names and characteristics of the new 41 X-Files.

XF08-0061x3 -
Alien Autopsy Hoax: Al, Sv, Pos, In *
XF08-0063x3 - Alien Experiments: Al, Id, Sub, Ab *
XF08-0064x3 - Vienen: Al, Cn, Mn, Ph *
XF08-0065x3 - Tempus Fugit: Al, Sc, Mn, Mn *
XF08-0068x3 - Violence-inducing television: Gov, Cn, V, Dth *
XF08-0069x3 - Bees & Transgenic Crops: Gov, Sc, Th, In *
XF08-0071x3 - SR819: Gov, Cn, Ps, In *
XF08-0073x3 - Genetically-altered Beetles: Gov, Kn, Mn, Ph *
XF08-0074x3 - Subliminal Messages: Gov, Id, Th, Mn *
XF08-0075x3 - Kill Switch: Gov, Kn, Sb, Ph *
XF08-0076x3 - The Moth Man: Ev, Sv, Sb, Dth*
XF08-0062x3 - Alien Corpse Autopsy: Alien, Knowledge, Violence, Death *
XF08-0078x3 - Greg Pincus' true form: Ev, Kno, Vi, Ab *
XF08-0083x3 - Virgil Incanto: Ev, Cn, V, Dth *
XF08-0084x3 - Leonard Betts: Ev, Cn, Th, Dth *
XF08-0085x3 - Spinal Cord Slug: Pr, Cn, Ps, In *
XF08-0087x3 - Artificially intelligent dung-eating robotic probes
: Pr, Sv, V, Ab *
XF08-0089x3 - The Chupacabra: Pr, Cn, V, Ab *
XF08-0092x3 - Paper Hearts: Pr, Id, Sb, In *
XF08-0099x3 - The Nephilim: Oc, Id, Pos, Ph *

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